Compositing, Motion Design

My Role

Compositing, Motion Graphics, Design, VFX, Art Direction, Stop Motion

A selection of my work for ads, broadcasting, digital campaigns, videoclips, feature films.


ADIDAS | STRANGE BEAST (PASSION PICTURES) – “The Legend of Super Earth” – Three ad campaigns
My Role: Lead Compositor

NIKE | MESSRS LONDON – “Fenom Flyknit bra” – Digital Ad
My Role: Motion Graphics

INSTAGRAM | NO.8 LONDON – “Create Don’t Hate’ – Digital Campaign
My Role: Motion Graphics, Compositing

My Role: Lead Compositing

LORO PIANA | UNIT9 – Digital Campaign showcasing the Loro Piana fashion catalogue with short clips and interactive hotspots.
My Role: Stop Motion, Motion Graphics, Compositing

62 FILMS – “Suburban Steps to Rockland” – feature-film documentary on the story of the Ealing Club, a venue that Mojo Magazine labelled: ‘The Cradle of British Rock,’ thanks to its role in creating a new musical movement. The venue witnessed the birth of The Rolling Stones, launched The Who and many others.
My Role: Animation Director, Lead Animator, Motion Graphics and Compositing

NETFLIX | PASSION PICTURES – “Headspace guide to meditation” – Animated Series
My Role: Compositing, Motion Graphics

“40 Years of The Shining” – Personal Project
My Role: 3D Animation, Modelling, Lighting

TONETRADE PRODUCTIONS “New Spleen Blues” – Videoclip
My Role: Director, Lead Animator, Compositor

TRAVEL CHANNEL TV – “Mysteries and Secrets” – TVC
My role: Motion Graphics, Compositing

MESSRS LONDON – “Hoola Girl on Mars” – previz / concept development for a short film
My Role: Art Director, Motion Graphics, Compositing

JELLY BRAIN PRODUCTIONS “Jelly Brain Lab” – Ident for an animation collective
My Role: Art Director, Compositor, DP