King Tut: A Century of Secrets

Discovery Channel


Discovery Channel


Mike Ibeji


Big Dreams Entertainment

My Role

Art Direction, 3D Animation, Compositing

Egypt’s most prominent archaeologist Zahi Hawass is on a quest to uncover the secrets of Howard Carter’s history-making discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb on the 100th anniversary of its discovery.


I’ve been asked to bring the world of Tutankhamun back to life, with a few animated visual effects, for a Discovery Channel documentary.

The shot shown above, is a 3D reconstruction of the original Tutankhamun’s hunting lodge, integrating seamlessly with modern footage of the original site in Giza.

In the below shots, Zahi Havass is leading us among the hyerogliphics, and more sites of the Howard Carter’s expedition.  We transition between different eras with the help of some vfx, vintage photos, and illustrations.

Historical accuracy was of the utmost importance, so I carefully cross-checked original documents and drawings to make sure the vfx elements were accurate.

SOFTWARE: Cinema 4D, After Effects, Photoshop